Elk Hunts

TnT Outfitters - 2009 trophy elkTnT Outfitters provides excellent elk hunting in both units 75 and 741.  The areas we hunt south west of Durango are located directly between the 3rd and 4th largest Elk herds in the state, those being the San Juan herd and the Disappointment herd respectfully.  We have very good numbers of resident elk that live on our property most of the year, and also get a large number of elk traveling through moving from the high country to lower elevations later in the seasons.

We use all methods possible when hunting elk, from sitting over water holes in early season, to run and gun style hunting during the rut, to long range glassing and spot and stalk methods later in the season.  Good optics are generally a must have, as we spend lots of time glassing distant ridge lines and travel routes the elk are notorious for crossing.

The elk we hunt reside in big country, and good physical condition is always a plus when chasing elk.  The more a hunter can put into his or her hunt, the more they will get out of it at the same time increasing there chances at a good mature bull.  If your looking for that true Western Big Game hunt, there is nothing more exciting than getting out in the woods and chasing these truly majestic animals in what can be described as nothing other than "Gods Country".

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Colorado Elk Hunt Schedule

Archery Season

  • Week 1: Aug. 25-29
  • Week 3: Sept. 10-14
  • Week 4: Sept. 17- 21

Rifle Seasons

  • First: Oct. 13-17 *
  • Second: Oct. 20-24
  • Third: Nov. 7-11
  • Fourth: Nov. 14-18*
    *denotes tags that require draw